Lets look at the TOP 3 most common dry skin
in the world.


A common problem.

​The growth rate of the skin layer: stratum corneum is not controlled, causes the skin to be extra thickened. 



  • Redness

  • Dry flaky skin

  • Red, cracked and itchy skin during the onset

【Affected part】

  • Mostly appear on the scalp, elbows, back, knees

*Pictures are for illustration and educational purposes only

Baby skin

One of the most common diseases. Whether it is adults, children or even the elderly, it is possible to get it.



  • Red rash

  • Dryness

  • Itchiness

【Affected part】

  • Infant: cheeks, forehead, hands and feet

  • ​Adults: face, neck, body, hands and feet


*Pictures are for illustration and educational purposes only


Finger Area

Also known as [Housewife's hand ], medical staff who frequently come into contact with irritating objects, dishwashing workers, assistants in hairdressing salons washing their hair, etc. have a chance to get it.



  • Dry and bleed

  • Itchiness

  • Pain

  • ​Disappearance of fingerprints

  • Difficulty to move the fingers

【Affected part】

  • Palm, back of hand, fingers, finger joints, finger joints

*Pictures are for illustration and educational purposes only

why the perfect derma ? 

 Customer Testimonials after using

The perfect derma

My husband has been troubled by dry skin for many years, and it did not get better after seeing Chinese and Western medical practitioner. Western medicine will give steroid medicine, and it will relapse soon, which is very annoying.

Until one day I saw an ad of The Perfect Derma ,

I bought two bottles for a try.

After applying The Perfect Derma ointment, it gives cooling sensation to the skin. It's not greasy and feels very comfortable.

My husband is applying the affected area according to the usage of The Perfect Derma.

Thank you The Perfect Derma , I will buy the big bottle again

I would also recommend The Perfect Derma to my friends and family.

Like The Perfect Derma !

Angela Tee, wife of Dry Skin customer

My hand does not crack at all until today.

And the price is very reasonable,

absolutely affordable

After spending thousands of dollars, the condition still recur.

The pain of cracking, and the itchiness,

have completely affect my daily life. 

Fortunately, I found TPD during MCO!

It helps me to complete my housework without hurting my hands.

Thank you so much!

Xiao Fang,Dry Skin Problem


My daughter started to have Dry Skin when she was more than 5 months old.

We also took our daughter to see many doctors.

But nothing is good.

Then when I saw The Perfect Derma, I was very happy.

My daughter and I are very happy.

Thank you!

Sau Mooi Yee, mother of kids with Dry Skin 


In Chinese New Year 2021,

we also pay a visit to some of our friends with similar problem.

​Would you like to try THE PERFECT DERMA?

Let's read through some FAQ

Frequently-Asked Question

6 tpd NEW.png

These are our FAQ, should you have any doubt or question, kindly approach our CUSTOMER SERVICE !

Q: How long does one bottle lasts?

This depends on the severity and extend of the skin condition. While TPD Premium bottle is suitable for skin condition that involves only a small area of the body part, we suggest TPD Jumbo when the skin condition covers most part of the body.

Q: What if I accidentally swallow it?

No worries if you accidentally swallow the ointment as the content is purely herbs. You can apply it safely over the face area. Remember to do a skin patch test over the back of hand / ear, before applying on the face!

Q: How long does it take to see changes?

Every individual is unique for their own treatment duration. While The Perfect Derma cannot guarantee a specific duration, we can safely assure that it could range from 2 weeks to 1 month.

Q: What if I have other medical conditions?

If you are unsure whether the product is suitable for you, our Customer Service would be glad to help you.

Q: 保质期多久呢?

Our product is free from steroid.

Q: Any side effects?

We have currently sold more than 80,000 The Perfect Derma and customers are very satisfied with our product with no complaints of side effects.

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A package for the perfection from inside out.

There will be delivery charges for each order: 

West Malaysia (RM 8.00)

East Malaysia (RM 12.00)

After completing your purchase, THE PERFECT DERMA will be sent to you in 5 - 12 days



Dad had serious dry skin and tried many ointments to no avail until he met TPD .

The situation has improved a lot , and I will continue to use TPD!

SOK FEN, Dad has dry skin

It’s worth mentioning that this TPD ointment is very thick, but not greasy. It will feel cool after applying it. The picture here showed the skin repair progress taken when I applied the ointment from time to time. The Perfect Derma ointment is very recommended !

YING TONG, dry skin

  This problem has bothered me for a while. . . I saw the content of this TPD and saw many good reviews, so I bought it with a just-for-trial mentality. I didn't expect the effect to make me very satisfied ! Thank you TPD !  

VANESSA , Hand dry skin

 We have tried different topical ointments for my daughter’s skin condition but did not work. I accidentally found an ads for topical ointment made of pure Chinese herbal medicine without steroids, alcohol, mercury and other ingredients on FB , and I had a try. Her condition improved a lot and we truly recommend TPD!

Recently, I have a lot of rashes on my hands and feet, which is extremely itchy. I don't understand why it did not resolve after taking a lot of medicines. Then I saw The Perfect Derma on FB , so I gave it a try. I am very happy to be able to find The Perfect DermaI have also introduced friends to try it.

JX XIN, Insect bite

FJ BONG, mother of kids
with dry